Occupational-related administrations for businesses


Our occupational-related administrations for businesses

Simply tell us who are you going to hire and we will do the rest

If you have hired employees for your business you surely know the huge quantities of documentation you must do on a monthly basis, if you haven’t started your activity yet, you will soon find out. Simply tell us who you are going to hire and we will manage the rest: Affiliations and their terminations on the Social Security, elaboration of paychecks, calculations of withholdings, INEM documentation, elaboration of settlements, business certificates, etc. All of that is done telematically to avoid unnecessary trips to the best of our ability.
Furthermore, we also advise you about the less documental aspects that generally are the ones that entail the greatest savings for the business. We advise, for example, about what kind of contract is best suited for a specific case and the bonuses and reductions applicable to the current legislation.


Some of our most demanded occupational-related services:

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